In-Film Branding Can Increase Your Brand Visibility


Reese's Pieces is a perfect example of this. Combining a hit film (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)  with a product can be extremely beneficial to companies and marketers struggling to find ways to reach new audiences.


It’s a Lifestyle Choice


Moviegoers around the world have known for over 30 years, James Bond takes his martini, "shaken not stirred". Because of that line, fans associate the martini with wealth and adventure… Today, James Bond drinks Heineken.


Shadoworks® & Your Brand Can Work Together


In-film branding often results in a mutually beneficial relationship between independent production companies like Shadoworks® and corporations or small businesses, where cross-promotion can be a lucrative promotional tool.


In-Film Branding Emotionally Connects Your Brand With Audiences


When a familiar jingle from a product or advertising campaign you know begins playing in the background of a scene, or if one of the lead characters makes a clever reference to a product, you connect with the viewer. Audiences appreciate the feeling of familiarity, sentimentality and nostalgia.


Independent Filmmakers Rely On In-Film Branding


Shadoworks® and other small independent companies create new funding opportunities by allowing companies to use in-film branding and product placement in the films they are making.


Advertising That Grabs Customers!


Do you own or represent a local, regional or national company interested in helping us fund our projects in exchange for in-film placement, cross-promotion and direct marketing to a growing audience of genre fans in the highly desirable 18-49 age range?


Contact us today to see how we can help you reach a whole new audience with product placement and in-film branding opportunities with Shadoworks.


Advertising that grabs customers!


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