• Canon® 4K cinema production camera package HD / 2K / 4K / 12biit RAW capture.
  • Rokinon® cinema prime and Canon® L Series zoom lenses for speed and sharpness
  • Vintage Soviet era Zeiss® prime lenses for unique visual characteristics.
  • Atomos® Shogun digital recorder.
  • Broadcast 1080p HD, Cine 2K and RAW 12bit 4K post production pipeline.
  • Private, dedicated post-production suite.
  • The latest software from Adobe® and Black Magic Design®.
  • Digital audio and multi-track acquisition from Lectrosonics®, Sennheiser®, Rode®, Zoom® and Audio-Technica®
  • Matthews® grip and electric package: C-Stands, Lo-Boys, flags, sails, silks, sandbags and support gear.
  • Matthews® 42" mirrored reflector boards.
  • ARRI® Studio 1K tungsten lights Studio or Stand configuration with barndoors.
  • Strand Century® RedHead 750w fixtures with barndoors, stand mounts.
  • ETC® Source Four 750w projection spotlights. 26 | 36 | 50 Degree. Stand or Studio configuration.
  • Aperture® and Godox® Bi-Color and RGB LED light kits.
  • Glidecam® support vest for variety of gimbal packages.
  • 12ft camera JIB package with counterweights and 50lb payload.
  • Purpose built skater dolly, with 12ft pipe track
  • 4K high speed precision FPV drone. *FAA certified drone pilot available for additional hourly fee.




With over 20 years professional experience in-studio and on location, our production crew is small, tight and fast moving. From flashy casinos to car lots, or the salon into the top secret depths of a nuclear missile silo, our team has been responsible for the development and production of more than 500 commercials, promotional videos, short films, broadcast documentaries, digital content and an internationally distributed feature film.



Excellence in all aspects of production including Writing, Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Best In Class and Best In Show.


  • 5 Emmy® Awards
  • 13 Emmy® Award Nominations
  • 1 Telly® Award - Silver
  • 6 Telly® Awards - Bronze
  • 1 Addy® Award - Best in Show
  • 6 Addy® Awards - Gold
  • 6 Addy® Awards - Silver
  • 1 Associated Press® Award


With affordable production packages tailored for almost any budget, contact us to see what we can do for you.



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